Nichols Whole Child Learning Academy

Nichols Whole Child Learning Academy



About Us

Homeschooling with a twist. We know how challenging and intimidating taking on homeschooling can be. We are here to offer support and guidance in your journey, so your family can have the best experience possible.

We are not a Co-op. Our program is led by professional educators who believe in a non-traditional approach to learning. We strive to provide our students with hands-on, inquiry, and project based learning using a variety of tools and resources.

We plan the curriculum and instruction in the areas of science , social studies, math, reading, physical education and health. Two day a week we will guide your learner through an exploration of these high interest and engaging topics. They will be sent home with resources and materials to enhance and reinforce their learning.

Support for parents and caregivers
Small group learning pods; maximum of 10
Flexible and inviting learning environment
A learning community that fosters lasting friendships
High quality lessons and curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of all learners
Integrated approach to instruction that incorporates the Illinois Learning Standards