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About Us

Very simply, you and your pets inspire us to innovate.
Pet Wants was founded on the belief that mainstream, big-box store pet food wasn’t synonymous with nutrition or quality. So, we created a better option. Second to your veterinarian, our goal is to be your trusted resource in pet care. From food and treats to skin relief, we earn that trust through transparency of ingredients and sourcing, a knowledgeable and caring staff, and a sincere passion to be the best and provide the best for you and your pet

Pet Wants Grooming provides the same customized service and wholistic approach to grooming as you’re used to with our food in Naperville, Illinois. The focus always being on your pets’ health and well-being in mind.

Every groom promises to leave your pet looking, feeling and smelling their best.

All final grooming rates are based on breed type, coat condition, type of cut requested and behavior of each animal during his/her appointment.

Standard Grooming Includes: Tailored and Customized Grooming, Deep Shampoo & Condition, Blow Dry, Pampered Brushing and Nail Trim.