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About Us

Red Robin in Plainfield located at 127th and Route 59 has been serving delicious food to the community for 20 years. As a full service restaurant, we believe in bringing people together. Our team members work hard to offer bottomless fun with high-quality burgers and Bottomless Steak Fries. Since opening in 1969 in Seattle, Washington, we have grown to 546 Red Robin Restaurants in 44 states and one Canadian Province.

As a member of the community, we offer great opportunities to raise funds with us by hosting fundraisers. From arts, music and education, to community projects, clubs, and beyond - choose your preferred method to raise funds for your program. Either way, incentivizing people with Bigger, Juicier Burgers is a sure-fire way to get results. Our fundraising events offer 20% of Dine-in and To-Go food, with sales going back to your organization when you schedule and promote your event. Our Kids programs include a book club with free meals, kids eat half off Wednesdays, and an awesome way to celebrate birthdays.

Let us cater for your event. We offer a variety of catering options that meet your needs no matter the size. Not just our famous Burger Bars, but delicious sides and fresh salads to desserts and a Gourmet Wing and Sauce Bar - there's plent of a la carte Yummm.